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Export to .sym files from PPCAN-Editor 2

PostPosted: Thu 20. Dec 2018, 20:09
by yhadad

I am using PPCAN-Editor 2 and I have used the configuration Exercise 2e from PCAN-MIO_Tutorial_eng.pdf. Now that I have completed the configuration, I have sent it to my PCAN-MIO hardware through PCAN-USB.

The next step that I need to do is export the configuration into a .sym file from PPCAN-Editor 2 so that I can then use that (.sym) file on PCAN-Explorer 6. But when I export it to (.sym) format, it does not export a (.sym) file.

Can you please advise?




Re: Export to .sym files from PPCAN-Editor 2

PostPosted: Fri 21. Dec 2018, 08:40
by U.Wilhelm
The Answer is part of the Link to the Document you have send.. :shock: suprise ... suprise :shock:
If you write that it does not ...maybe it is interested WHAT does not work ... :roll: How should we send you a answer if we do not have any info what exact is your problem ... this create workload for NOTHING...

The way you take advantage of support gives us to consider that with every little problem that comes up, you firts contact the support and do not try by your own or read...see all your other threads and e-mails you create

Re: Export to .sym files from PPCAN-Editor 2

PostPosted: Fri 21. Dec 2018, 15:55
by yhadad
Hi Mr. Wilhelm,

Did you read the last sentence on my post?

"But when I export it to (.sym) format, it does not export a (.sym) file."

I Read the Document and I did follow the instructions on that Document several times before you attached what I already know on your reply.

When it is not exporting a sym file, that is when I decided to post my problem on your forum.

I have attached a document with screenshots to show you why when I go to File-Export-Into Symbols File... it does not export a sym file as it should.

Re: Export to .sym files from PPCAN-Editor 2

PostPosted: Fri 21. Dec 2018, 16:33
by U.Wilhelm
Attached a small Video that shows what happened if you load a valid project and Export the SYM File.
We do NOT know your project and so we could NOT see if you have valid Data to Export to a SYM file.
As i wrote - sometimes it is better to contact the support - with ALL needed information - and do not post half of information in the forum. We are not clairvoyants...who know what your setup looks like...?

We also post here that you need a valid license of the PCAN-Explorer to export to SYM File (otherwise you could not do anything with the is our PCAN-Explorer Format) - i also point to this in this Thread - see screen of the manual. No valid license installed - no need to create a SYM File.

Re: Export to .sym files from PPCAN-Editor 2

PostPosted: Fri 21. Dec 2018, 19:13
by yhadad
Thank you for the clarification.

The configuration that I am using is from Exercise 2e Switching the 5V Output but I renamed the configuration from 2e to 5Ve.

I attached it to this post so that you can see that I setup correctly as instructed from the document.

I have a dongle license for Peak Explorer 6 with (Attached Screenshot of Dongle Key with valid license)
attachemnet with license info is removed
-PCAN J1939 Add-in
-PCAN Plotter Add-in
-PCAN User/Instrument Panel Add-in

I can open PCAN Symbol Editor 6 on my PC. Is there another license for PCAN Symbol Editor 6 that I need to purchase? If yes, then that is the problem on why I cannot export sym file from PPCAN Editor 2.

Re: Export to .sym files from PPCAN-Editor 2

PostPosted: Sat 22. Dec 2018, 13:40
by U.Wilhelm
Attached the export of the Symbol File and also the Video how we test it with your original file that you have post here. We also have delete the Screens of you license - this is no information that should be post in public!

If you still have problems on your PC with the installed PCAN-Explorer 6 to Export to Symbol File Format, please contact our Support by E-Mail - or uninstall PCAN-Explorer 6 and install again. Have you ever try to export the Symbol file to a different directory ? Maybe your Instance have, which reason ever, no access to this default directory ?