Windows 10 blue screen: PCAN_USB.SYS

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Windows 10 blue screen: PCAN_USB.SYS

Postby mac123 » Wed 13. Mar 2019, 00:52

Stop code: driver irql not less or equal
What failed: PCAN USB.SYS

This is a problem we are facing in our first windows 10 x64 computer.
We have many other computers running in windows 7 working just fine.

We are using PCAN PRO FD and some other pcan models, do we need an specific version of drivers?

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Windows 10 blue screen: PCAN_USB.SYS

Postby M.Maidhof » Thu 14. Mar 2019, 09:58


which driver version do you use? Please update to the latest version which you can download from the following link:


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