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CANbus loading

PostPosted: Wed 22. May 2019, 15:59
by PhilR
What is the best way to determine how much of the bus's capacity is being used? I have some Peak CANbus-USB adapters, and the latest copy of PCANview for Windows.

One way I thought of was to take a bus trace, create a .csv file out of the .trc file, then get excel to work out the bus time taken by each packet and the bus idle time between packets. However this rather depends on having the start time of each packet recorded to finer accuracy than 0,1ms and it still ignores bit stuffing. When I display the trace buffer in PCANview it shows me packet start times to an accuracy of 1 microsec but the saved trace file either truncates or rounds that time.

Is there a better way?

Re: CANbus loading

PostPosted: Wed 22. May 2019, 16:23
by M.Maidhof

when using PCAN-View with a FD PCAN hardware, there will be a busload option available. If you don't have a FD PC CAN hardware, the optional available PCAN-Explorer tool can also show you the busload using any PCAN PC hardware. All busload measurements in PCAN-View and PCAN-Explorer also includes the stuff bits.

best regards


Re: CANbus loading

PostPosted: Wed 22. May 2019, 16:42
by PhilR
Thank you kindly. I'll try it