PCAN-USB connect to MCU TI SN65HVD232 transceiver not work

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PCAN-USB connect to MCU TI SN65HVD232 transceiver not work

Postby sapphira » Fri 4. Jan 2019, 01:06

I try to use PCAN-USB (002021-254917) to connect MCU (TI DSP with SN65HVD232 transceiver , that is 3.3V transceiver). But now I can't receive any CAN BUS Message from this MCU. But I can get the message using other can logic analyzer. I have some question about the voltage with PCAN and my transceiver. PCAN is 5V but my transceiver is 3.3V, is that affect the receiver? How can I do to get the message from my MCU?
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Re: PCAN-USB connect to MCU TI SN65HVD232 transceiver not wo

Postby U.Wilhelm » Fri 4. Jan 2019, 09:23

you send exact this request by E-mail ! please do NOT double post - you simply create workload for nothing !

we answered by E-Mail:
The IPEH-002021 use a High Speed compatible Transceiver (ISO 11898-2)
The used Transceiver in your Design is compatible (ISO 11898-2) – simply read the data Sheets and compare
Measuring CAN Frames with a Scope or logic analyzer does not means that Layer 2 work correct.
It shows you only Layer 1 ! Maybe Your module is in LO mode , Bitrate / Timing does not Fit, no Termination on wires etc.....
Typical basic CAN problems. please study CAN protocol and undertsnad how it works to solve your problem.
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