Signal type conversion

Programmable Sensor Module with CAN Connection

Signal type conversion

Postby moataza151 » Wed 2. Jan 2019, 17:09


I have a PCAN-GPS and I am creating a database file to read the physical CAN signals. I have an issue with the signal type, the device manual says the GPS_Longitude _Degree is a Floating-point number however the signal length is 16 bit (length of an integer) is there any way to work around this issue.

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Re: Signal type conversion

Postby S.Michaelsen » Thu 3. Jan 2019, 09:57


the table in the manual is a little bit unclear at this point. Only the GPS_Longitude_Minutes signal is a float value while GPS_Longitude_Degree is a 16 bit unsigned int.
You can find a signal description in our symbol file format in the PCAN-GPS-Package that you can download on the product web page (Examples/PCAN-Explorer/PCAN-GPS_example.sym). You can view / edit / export symbols using the PCAN-Symbol Editor. Might avoid you some work...

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