some question about PassThru and CANFD

Pass-Thru API and connection of Pass-Thru software to PEAK CAN interfaces.

Re: some question about PassThru and CANFD

Postby uaes_hhl » Sat 8. Dec 2018, 16:22

Hi, hello, thank you very much for your reply. Can the passthru interface be able to set prescaler, tseg1and2, sync jump width, or is there a way to directly set the bit rate and sample point by passthru interface?
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Re: some question about PassThru and CANFD

Postby K.Wagner » Mon 10. Dec 2018, 09:50


you can set the arbitration bitrate as a pair of BTR0/BTR1 values (WORD value) over the "BaudRate" parameter of the function PassThruConnect:
PassThruConnect(DeviceID, ProtocolID, Flags, BTR0BTR1, pChannelID).
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