The Header pinout information

CAN FD Interface for PCI Express

The Header pinout information

Postby henry » Mon 22. Jul 2019, 03:59

I want to use the four channel PCAN-PCI Express FD Card. BUT I don't want to use the DP9 connector, What is the Pin out information of the 10 pin header? is the same Pinout as DB9 connector(Pin2 CANL, Pin7 CanH)? it's not listed in your spec.
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Re: The Header pinout information

Postby H.Adamiak » Mon 22. Jul 2019, 08:11

The pin assignment is:

Pin 1: 5V or CAN-Low if you use daisy chain
Pin 2: GND
Pin 3: CAN-Low
Pin 4: CAN-High
Pin 5: GND
Pin 6: Not connected or CAN-High if you use daisy chain
Pin 7 to 10: Not connected

We will add this to the documentation. In the manual of the PCAN-PCI Express (without FD) it is already shown but this card does not have the daisy chain option. So it differs a little.
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