No data in "Messages and Scheduler"

RS-232 to CAN/LIN Interface

No data in "Messages and Scheduler"

Postby CM666 » Wed 27. Sep 2017, 11:30


I am trying to convert a LIN signal to CAN using the 5.1 Gateway LIN-CAN setup.

However, on the "Messages and Scheduler" tab, just zeros are displayed in the data field.

The instructions say:
"Transmission of a data frame on the LIN bus by transmitting a
CAN data frame
Request of a data frame on the LIN bus by transmitting a CAN
remote frame"

So do I need to transmit a CAN frame from the computer in order to receive a signal and how would I do this?

Or what other reasons could there be for the computer not receiving any signals? I am new to this field so I could be missing something very basic.
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Re: No data in "Messages and Scheduler"

Postby M.Maidhof » Wed 27. Sep 2017, 13:44


please send the PCAN-LIN config file by email to our support address or post it here.

We also need to know details about the LIN frames which are actually on your LIN bus (ID, length checksum type) and which you would like to forward on CAN.


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