Trace File: Typ ST

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Trace File: Typ ST

Postby T.Lenz » Tue 19. Feb 2019, 11:26

in der Trace Datei ist folgende Zeile mit dem Type ST enthalten. Was verbirgt sich hinter dieser Zeile?

7225 15099.341 ST Rx 00 00 00 08

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Re: Trace File: Typ ST

Postby K.Wagner » Tue 19. Feb 2019, 11:34


what you are seeing is a status message, a.k.a. Hardware Status Change message.

Different message types within a PCAN-Trace file
MessageTypes.PNG (25.18 KiB) Viewed 268 times

The data "8" (BUS_WARNING/BUS_HEAVY) means that an error counter reached a limit
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