How to Change order of plotted channels?

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How to Change order of plotted channels?

Postby meobeou » Thu 10. Jan 2019, 03:42

Is it possible in the plotter to change the order of channels in the plot window? I have a trace with four channels colored as follows: aqua, blue, fuschia, and yellow (see attachment). My problem is that I cannot change the order of channels from back to front. Notice the blue channel has many values that cover a large portion of the plot. Two channels, the aqua, and the fuschia are shown in front of the blue channel. The yellow colored channel is painted on screen "behind" the darker blue plot.

I don't see any way to change the order of plot channels in the plot properties or settings. Is this possible? I would like to see something like being able to select a channel, and a "bring to front" or "send to back" option, similar to Microsoft Word functionality.

I also tried to re-import from the trace, but the "layer" order of the channels seems to be arbitrary, and not able to be changed
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Re: How to Change order of plotted channels?

Postby K.Wolf » Thu 10. Jan 2019, 16:02

You can control the order of the channel trace lines with the Layer property. See Plotter Properties > Channels > General. Lower layer values move the line to the back, higher values to the front. Assign a value greater than 100 to the channel lines that you would like to appear in the foreground.
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