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PCAN-Router Pro FD - System Components Version History

The PCAN-Router Pro FD is a 6-channel router for CAN and CAN FD which can be programmed with a custom user firmware. However, there are system components running their own firmware to process the custom user firmware and provide all the functionality.

2020-11-20 - Upgrade Release

Bootloader - Version 2.0.9
  • Includes fix for silicon errata
  • Changes settings for Cortex-M7 CPU D-cache and for external memory controller (EMC)

Download Upgrade Package

2020-06-30 - Upgrade Release

Note for devices with a serial number up to 150:

The development package contains these upgrades in the directory \Hardware\PCAN-Router Pro FD\Upgrades\. Carry out their installation once according to the enclosed instructions to enable the full functionality of your device. Devices with a serial number higher than 150 were delivered with these upgrades.

Bootloader - Version 2.0.8
  • Added a detailed device descriptor for PEAK-Flash
  • Dropped support for firmware uploads with PCAN-Flash. PEAK-Flash should be used instead
  • Fixed a bug during erase

FPGA - Revision 10
  • Bug fix: I/O pins for USB card reader firmware eeprom modified due to issues at USB enumeration

USB Card Reader - Revision 2
  • Bug fix: UHS-I mode was not supported by the hardware (UHS card init failed)

2020-03-23 - Product Release

Bootloader - Version 1.1.1        
  • First official release

FPGA - Revision 9        
  • First official release

USB Card Reader - Revision 1        
  • First official release