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Virtual PCAN-Gateway Version History

2017-09-14 - Version 1.3.1


  • The status of the Gateway CAN channels is now forwarded to the PCAN-LAN driver (BUS PASSIVE/WARNING/etc.)
  • The configuration tool can now be used as command-line tool for some actions:
    • /reload: causes a reload of all configured routes. Same as clicking the Reload button under Device / Configuration
    • /routeson: turns all configured routes on. Same as context menu command 'Switch ALL Routes On' under Routing / Manage Routes
    • /routesoff: turns all configured routes off. Same as context menu command 'Switch ALL Routes Off' under Routing / Manage Routes
  • The use of the port 45321 when creating or editing routes within the configuration tool is now denied (marked as reserved)

Bug fixes:

  • Routes were unable to connect if a PCAN-Ethernet Gateway was idle while the PC was being started or rebooted. This caused the registration of an invalid IP address
  • Incoming routes (from device to PC) could not connect if they were initialized before the network (network adapter or LAN cable) was activated

2017-02-01 - Version 1.3.0


  • It is now possible to use different IP addresses on the same network card

Bug fixes:

  • VPOI-Service dependencies were adjusted to avoid race conditions with the Windows firewall at startup
  • Fixed inconsistencies concerning the font in the Virtual PCAN-Gateway Configuration user interface

2016-01-26 - Version 1.2.0


  • It is now possible to define up to 16 routes
  • Added a command in the Configuraton Tool (Device | Configuration) to force a reload of the routes (behavior is similar to restarting the service)
  • Information about the firmware version is now available
  • Bit rate and CAN Listen-only changes in a PCAN-Gateway device are now communicated to the service and forwarded to the driver (PCAN-Gateway software package 2.6.0 required)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed access violation when doing the "Join routes" process in the configuration tool
  • Fixed access violation when invocating the context menu on the route list in the configuration tool, after deleting a route
  • Fixed access violation when a wrong focus on the "Manage Routes" list in the configuration tool was evaluated
  • The service excecutable crashed sometimes while finalizing

2015-11-06 - Version 1.1.0


  • The communication protocol between PCAN-Gateways and the Virtual PCAN-Gateway was enhanced
  • Minor improvements in the user interface of the Configuration Tool
  • General code optimizations

Bug fixes:

  • While editing a route in the Configuration Tool the left side menu is no longer blocked
  • Double plugged-in route problem fixed
  • Problem that was causing abandoned routes to be shown was fixed
  • Problem that didn't let active routes to get connected was fixed
  • Problem solved that sometimes caused the service to crash at finalization time
  • The 8th defined route was lost after restarting the service. After that it was impossible to define 8 routes, even after deleting all of them

2015-07-01 - Version 1.0.1

  • Improvement for the Virtual PCAN-Gateway Manager: The communication protocol between routes and driver was enhanced
  • Bug fix for the Virtual PCAN-Gateway Manager: Listen-Only status of CAN channels were being not forwarded to the driver
  • Bug fix: The link to call the PEAK Control Panel Applet was not working in some scenarios

2015-06-17 - Version 1.0.0

  • First Release