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PCAN-Router Pro FD

2020-06-30 • Firmware for Configurable Data Logging

We have released a ready-to-use firmware for our PCAN-Router Pro FD for recording CAN and CAN FD data traffic. The messages of all six CAN channels can be stored on the internal eMMC memory or on an inserted SD card. The storage media can be accessed via a USB connection.

Users can configure the recording with a text file without any programming knowledge. Various options are available:

  • Separate configuration of the 6 CAN channels
    • Setting the CAN specification to 2.0 A/B, CAN FD ISO, or CAN FD Non-ISO
    • Setting the nominal and data bit rates
    • Enabling or disabling the Listen-Only mode
  • Recording of data frames, error frames, or data and error frames
  • Setting of the trace mode and maximum file size
  • Setting of the storage medium for saving the trace files
  • Configuration of events for starting and stopping the recording
    • Powering the device
    • By pressing the Log Off Card button
    • By receiving a specific CAN message
  • Configuration of timeout events for stopping the recording or shutting-down the device
    • Data traffic has stopped
    • Power loss on terminal 15
    • Main power loss
  • Defining beep patterns for tracing start, end, and error events
  • Defining the LED blinking pattern

Besides the programming examples, the data logger firmware is included in the development package for the PCAN-Router Pro FD and can be downloaded free of charge. The installation, configuration, and operation are documented in detail in the manual.

Note for devices with a serial number up to 150:

The development package contains various upgrades in the directory \Hardware\PCAN-Router Pro FD\Upgrades\. Carry out their installation once according to the enclosed instructions to enable the full functionality of your device.

Link to the product page: PCAN-Router Pro FD