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PCAN-Ethernet Gateway FD DR

2021-02-01 • CAN FD Connection via Ethernet

The PCAN-Gateway product family from PEAK-System is designed for the transmission of CAN messages over IP networks. With the PCAN-Ethernet Gateway FD DR, the German company releases a new model that supports the modern CAN FD in addition to the classic CAN standard. Two High-speed CAN interfaces enable the connection of CAN FD buses with data bit rates of up to 10 Mbit/s. The connection to the IP network is established via Ethernet. An AM5716 Sitara processor provides the required performance.

If a CAN bus is equipped with a PCAN-Ethernet Gateway FD DR, a LAN interface is all that is needed to access the CAN bus with one or more computers. A conventional CAN interface is not required. When using two gateways, distant CAN buses can be connected via an IP network. The limiting factor of the maximum CAN bus length does not apply.

The configuration of the PCAN-Gateway product family is done just like with a common Internet router via a web interface. Status information and settings for the communication interfaces, message forwarding, and filters are available. Alternatively, a JSON interface allows access via software.

Enhancement of the PCAN-Gateway Software

The new PCAN-Ethernet Gateway FD DR is the first model of the product family to be delivered with the new configuration website 3.1.0 and the JSON interface 1.4.0. The most important improvements are:

  • Extension of the CAN configuration for activation and deactivation of the CAN FD support, selection of the clock frequency, and definition of the data bit rate
  • New option for configuring user-defined bit rates via a register string. The string can be created comfortably with our Bit Rate Calculation Tool or with PCAN-View
  • Installation of software updates alternately on two partitions. This makes it possible to reactivate the previous software installation after an update, either via the website or with the reset button
  • New Device Monitoring page for displaying various hardware status information such as CPU load, input voltage, and temperature
  • Secure access to the website or JSON interface with https

In addition, the configuration file was reworked and published with the format version 2.0.0. The rework includes the extensions for CAN FD as well as a revision of the parameter names.

You can find detailed information about the software, the website, and the JSON interface in the PCAN-Gateway FD version history.

Product page: PCAN-Ethernet Gateway FD DR
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