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Bit Rate Calculation Tool

2019-05-22 • PEAK-System's free app for calculating register values for CAN and CAN FD controllers

The manufacturer PEAK-System, specialized in classic CAN and modern CAN FD, has released the Bit Rate Calculation Tool for iOS, Android, and Windows. The cost-free tool determines the register values of a CAN, CAN FD, or SJA1000 controller for user-defined CAN and CAN FD bit rates. In addition, the result list can be adjusted using various parameters such as clock frequencies and sample point. In order to include near-by results in the evaluation, a tolerance of up to 5 % can be set. Furthermore, the bit timing values contained in the results (BRP, TSEG1, TSEG2, and SJW) can be stored and loaded across platforms. In addition, Android, and iOS users can send results via e-mail. On the other hand, Windows users can easily transfer bit timing values into the PCAN-Basic API and applications based on it.

The professional app from PEAK-System is a useful tool especially for engineers when planning and optimizing classical CAN and modern CAN FD networks. The Bit Rate Calculation Tool can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store, the Apple Store, and the Windows version from the product or download website of PEAK-System.

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