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2017-08-30 • Release of a new hardware revision

The PCAN-MiniDisplay, a hardware for the visualization and recording of CAN data, had a comprehensive revision. The device now has two High-speed CAN channels. As before, the PCAN-MiniDisplay is offered in two versions. In a case with three buttons and as a built-in version without a case. The version without a case is now supplied with the new mounting frame for easy installation.

The PCAN-MiniDisplay firmware has also been revised. In addition to supporting the new hardware, the firmware version 1.2.3 includes additional configuration options. Messages and variables can be specifically assigned to one of the two CAN channels. Furthermore, a multiplexer function and enhanced support for transparent images have been implemented.

Please note: PCAN-MiniDisplays, which were delivered before July 2017, must first be updated with firmware 1.1.7 before they can be updated with a firmware version 1.2.x. This applies to the following devices:

Part No. Article Serial No.
IPEH-002262PCAN-MiniDisplaybefore 150
IPEH-002262-KSM01PCAN-MiniDisplay Casebefore 12215

The new firmware, examples for the new configuration options, as well as a revised documentation and device help are included in the download package of the PCAN-MiniDisplay.

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