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2017-10-26 · PCAN-M.2

Germany First: M.2 meets CAN FD

2017-10-02 · ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Successful recertification of our management system

2017-09-25 · PCAN-miniPCIe FD

Small racer! CAN FD for Mini PCIe

2017-08-30 · PCAN-MiniDisplay

Release of a new hardware revision

2017-06-19 · PCAN-PCI Express FD

Four times CAN FD on a PCI Express card

2017-06-14 · Linux Driver 8.4.0 released

New Version of the PCAN-Linux Driver available

2017-06-01 · PCAN-Diag FD

Put CAN and CAN FD busses to the acid test

2017-05-23 · PCAN-Developer 4

Development of complex Windows software with CAN FD

2017-04-18 · PCAN-Gateways

Switch to Micro Access Point and Update 2.6.0

2017-04-06 · PCAN-USB X6

New product version for dirty applications