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Bit Rate Calculation Tool

Calculation of Register Values for CAN and CAN FD Bit Rates

The Bit Rate Calculation Tool determines the register values of the CAN controller for the desired CAN and CAN FD bit rates. Various parameters such as clock frequencies and sample points can be selected to further narrow down the list of results. An optional tolerance of up to 5 % can be defined to include nearby results in the evaluation. The bit timing values contained in the results (BRP, TSEG1, TSEG2, and SJW) can be stored and loaded for viewing across platforms. In the Android and iOS versions, it is also possible to forward the results directly from the app via e-mail. Furthermore, in the Windows application, individual lines can be copied from the result list to the clipboard to use their bitrate values in the PCAN-Basic API and applications based on it. The transmission rate calculation supports engineers in planning and optimizing classical CAN and modern CAN FD networks. The Bit Rate Calculation Tool is available free of charge for Android, iOS and Windows®.

  • Calculation of register values for user-defined transmit rates for:
    • SJA1000 based CAN controllers (8 MHz)
    • CAN controller with different clock frequencies
    • CAN FD controller with different clock frequencies
  • Optional tolerance specification of up to 5 % for the result calculation
  • Limitation of the results by additional parameters:
    • Clock frequency (80, 60, 40, 30, 24 and 20 MHz)
    • Sample Point separate for CAN and CAN FD (range in %)
    • Bit Duration separate for CAN and CAN FD (range in Tqs)
  • List of all results with bit timing values and additional information:
    • Bit Rate Prescaler (BRP)
    • Time segments 1 and 2 for nominal and data phases (TSEG1/2)
    • Synchronization Jump Width (SJW)
    • Quantum Duration
    • Bit Duration
    • Clocks per Bit
  • Saving results and parameters in JSON format
  • Forwarding of results by e-mail (only for iOS and Android versions)
  • Cross-platform loading of stored results

System requirements

  • Mobile versions
    • Minimum iOS 7 or Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

  • Windows® version
    • Windows® 10, 8.1, 7 (32/64-bit)
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
    • At least 2 GB RAM and 1.5 GHz CPU
  • Bit Rate Calculation Tool

Bit Rate Calculation Tool

Android iOS Windows

Software for calculating register values for CAN and CAN FD bit rates for Android, iOS, and Windows®

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