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PCAN-Cable 1 & 2

Connection Cable for CAN and CAN FD

PCAN-Cable 1
IPEK-003000 € 15,00
PCAN-Cable 2
IPEK-003001 € 18,00

All prices are plus the at present valid value added tax!

PCAN-Cable 1

PCAN-Cable 2

These cables are needed to set up a CAN bus and are specially designed to be used in a CAN environment. If two High-speed CAN hubs need a simple direct connection between them, the PCAN-Cable 2 with integrated termination can be used. The PCAN-Cable 1 is suitable for putting together a CAN bus which shall contain tap connections and separate termination (PCAN-T-Adapter and PCAN-Term products).

The cables can also be used for CAN FD buses.

  • 9-pin D-Sub sockets (in accordance with CiA® 303-1) at both ends
  • Length 2.0 m
  • Shield connected to GND
  • PCAN-Cable 1 without termination resistors
  • PCAN-Cable 2 with 120-Ohm termination resistors
  • Suitable for the use in CAN FD buses
  • PCAN-Cable

Other lengths and special cable makeup on request.

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