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PCAN-MicroMod FD Configuration

Windows Configuration Software for PCAN-MicroMod FD Products

The plug-in module PCAN-MicroMod FD is a universal solution for the integration of a CAN FD interface and I/O functionality into your own hardware. PCAN-MicroMod FD based products from PEAK-System as well as customer developments can be set up with the Windows® software PCAN-MicroMod FD Configuration.

The configuration created on the computer is transferred via the CAN bus to the PCAN-MicroMod FD which then runs as an independent CAN node. Multiple modules can be configured independently on a CAN bus.

  • Software for configuring PCAN-MicroMod FD based hardware
  • Product-specific configuration options due to using predefined hardware profiles
  • Setting up the CAN interface by selecting the transmission standard (CAN or CAN FD) and the corresponding bit rates
  • Definition of incoming and outgoing CAN messages
  • Periodic or event-triggered transmission of CAN messages
  • Utilization of Signals for the temporary storage of analog and digital inputs and outputs as well as various status information
  • Mapping of the Signals to the data of the CAN messages
  • Signal processing with functions and services:
    • Scale and Offset function
    • Logical linking of digital inputs
    • Processing of Signal values via characteristic curves or mathematical calculation operation
    • Direct evaluation of rotary encoders
  • Configuration data transmitted via CAN (PEAK CAN interface required)
  • Selective configuration several devices in a CAN network based on the module ID
  • Existing configurations can be read out via CAN for further processing
  • Export of the CAN message definition as a Symbol file for use with other PEAK-System products like for example PCAN-Explorer

System requirements

  • Windows® 10, 8.1 (32/64-bit)
  • At least 2 GB RAM and 1.5 GHz CPU
  • For the CAN bus connection: PC CAN interface from PEAK-System
  • PCAN-MicroMod FD Configuration software
  • Documentation in HTML Help format

PCAN-MicroMod FD Configuration

Configuration software for PCAN-MicroMod FD products for Windows®.


PCAN-MicroMod FD Configuration tutorial

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