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J1939 Add-in 6 Version History

2019-12-02 - Version 6.3.4 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.3.4

Bug fixes:

  • Auto-calculated checksum values for messages TC3, ENGSA, and ENGSC were incorrect


  • If the SPNConversionMethod (SPN 1706) of a DM01 DTC was set to 1 (see J1939-73,, the SuspectParameterNumber (SPN 1214) variable in the same DTC was decoded/encoded using SPN conversion method version 1 (pure Motorola format). Now version 3 is used by default for encoding/decoding SPNs

2019-08-01 - Version 6.3.3 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.3.3

Bug fixes:

  • Too large values for TotalMessageSize variable in TPCM.BAM or TPCM.RTS messages caused an application freeze or crash. Wrong values in TotalMessageSize variable now triggers a TPCM.ConnAbort message with abort reason 9 for RTS/CTS sessions, and a silent abort for BAM sessions

2019-06-07 - Version 6.3.1 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.3.1


  • New possibility to receive and trace Error Frames with J1939 connections
  • J1939 database updated (2019-04)

Bug fixes:

  • Since version 6.2.0 the default values for the following J1939 parameters were not correctly initialized:
    • CTS: Number of accepted packets (should be 255)
    • Number of Re-CTS (should be 3)
    • RTS: Maximum number of packets (should be 255)
    • Number of retries (should be 3)
    • Interpacket time (should be 50 ms)
  • A new Reset button in the Options dialog box on the J1939 page allows to reset these 5 parameters to their default values

2018-12-13 - Version 6.2.2 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.2.2


  • Received BAM multipacket messages are now reassembled even if monitoring is not active and no address is claimed
  • J1939 database updated (2018-08)
  • Support for 46 new auto-calculated values from the updated J1939 database 2018-08
  • New possibility to sort the J1939 Auto-values lists in Options and Project Settings dialog boxes

Bug fixes:

  • Auto-calculated checksum of J1939 symbols TC3, ENGSC, and ENGSA was only 4 bits in size instead of 8 bits

2018-07-20 - Version 6.2.0 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.2.0


  • New feature to automatically calculate J1939 rolling counters and checksums when transmitting the PGNs TSC1, XBR, AEBS2, TC3, SAS, CN, ENGSC, and ENGSA

2017-06-09 - Version 6.0.12 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.12

Bug fixes:

  • The industry group drop-down list of the J1939 NAME field in the Properties window was empty and no industry group could be selected
  • If no data length was specified for a J1939PG multipacket symbol, any variable located beyond data byte 7 was not initialized with its default value
  • When the last J1939 connection was removed from the project, the message list columns were not updated to the non-J1939 column configuration
  • Sending a J1939 message by assigning a signal value, e.g. in a VBS macro, did not set the message type of the automatically created transmit message correctly, the message did not have the J1939 tag
  • String variables with a length greater than 8 bytes in multipacket J1939 symbols were only decoded when the variable had an SPN value assigned


  • J1939 symbols are now only assigned to messages that have the J1939 message type (which show a J1939 tag in the Type column). Previously, J1939 symbols were also assigned to 29-bit messages, for example when the protocol of the connection was changed from CAN to J1939 and the Receive/Transmit lists already contained 29-bit messages

2017-04-07 - Version 6.0.11 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.11

Bug fixes:

  • When a J1939 transmit message was edited, the Priority field in the Edit Message dialog box was not correctly initialized so it could contain an incorrect value
  • J1939 database fixed: SPNs 695, 696, and 897 were missing in message TSC1

2016-12-12 - Version 6.0.9 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.9


  • The PGN field in the Edit Message dialog box is now editable when a custom J1939 transmit message is created
  • J1939 messages have their own icon in the Type column of transmit lists, and messages that require the transport protocol for transmission have an additional mark
  • J1939 database updated (2016-11)

2016-10-13 - Version 6.0.5 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.5


  • J1939 database updated (2016-07)

2016-09-02 - Version 6.0.3 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.3


  • The J1939 database now includes SLOT values according to J1939-71 Appendix A. SPN and SLOT value assignments are used to show range names according to J1939-71 chapter 5.1.5

Bug fixes:

  • If the system was not restarted for a long time, the J1939 Add-in returned wrong timestamps so that cyclic J1939 messages (non-multipacket) could no longer be transmitted
  • Transport protocol read session were refused by sending a TCPM.Abort message even if the connection was in monitoring mode and/or the claimed address did not correspond to the incoming request

2016-06-28 - Version 6.0.2 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.2

  • J1939 database updated (2016-03)

2016-06-09 - Version 6.0.1 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.1

  • First Release