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2016-06-09 - PCAN-Explorer 6.0.1 - Release

The new version 6 of the comprehensive Windows software for monitoring and analyzing CAN data traffic was enhanced by many new features such as ...

  • Support of the new standard CAN FD
  • Extensive revision of the user interface with improved dialogs for creating transmit messages and managing signals
  • Simultaneous connections with multiple CAN interfaces independent of the hardware type
  • Playback of trace files
  • Direct recording of the CAN data traffic into files
  • Enhanced processing of huge trace files
  • Exporting entire projects including linked files to handy packets for archiving or sharing
  • Automatic notification about new software versions and support with the update process

Various improvements of the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins ...

  • Plotter Add-in: Decoupling of the configuration of Y-axis and channels to improve presentation and handling
  • Instruments Panel Add-in: New instruments like an analog 360° gauge and a shape element for displaying squares, rectangles, circles, and ellipses

A new version of the PCAN-Symbol Editor with many enhancements was released as well ...

  • Support of the new standard CAN FD
  • New user interface with Quick Start function
  • Allows to create signals in symbol files for the first time
  • With a signal, the representation of CAN data can be defined and used for multiple symbols
  • Function to convert symbol files between their different file formats
  • Dynamic text search for symbols, signals, menu commands, recently opened files, and more

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor