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2012-05-14 - PCAN-Explorer 5 - Version 5.2.2


  • If a project was opened from a memory card the program could freeze on exit
  • Project Browser: New command to duplicate a message filter in the context menu of a filter
  • Object model: New method MessageFilters.Duplicate
  • New buttons to select or deselect all signals when exporting signals to a CSV file from a tracer

Bug fixes:

  • Object model: Setting the Signal.Value property sometimes produced a new entry in the Transmit List, even though a matching transmit message was already in the list
  • Edit Filter dialog box: Selecting a bus did not work correctly if the bus numbers of all connections in the project were not consistently assigned in ascending order
  • Edit Filter dialog box: If a SJA1000 Code/Mask filter item was set to "Extended", the next time the Edit Filter dialog box was opened the filter item was incorrectly shown as "Standard"
  • When a Transmit list was loaded from file, comments assigned to individual messages were not restored
  • The Pause state of a cyclic RTR message stored in a Transmit list file was ignored when loading the file
  • If the bus number of a connection was changed manually in the Properties window, the bus number shown in the Connections window was not updated automatically
  • Object model: If the Application.ExecuteCommand method was called and the specified command was not found, an error message "Could not convert variant of type (Error) into type (String)" was displayed
  • Object model: The property TraceMessage.TimestampAbsString returned an incorrect timestamp if the object was queried from a collection returned by one of the methods TraceMessages.FindID, TraceMessages.FindSymbol, and TraceMessages.FindMultiplexer
  • Symbols files: If a symbol definition consisted only of a CAN ID and a timeout parameter, the specified timeout was ignored

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