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PCAN-MicroMod FD Configuration Version History

2024-07-12 - Version 2.0.0


  • The user interface has been revised
  • Added PCAN-MicroMod FD ECU support
  • Added Device Parameters
  • Transmit and Receive Symbols can now be disabled
  • The name of Functions can now be changed optionally
  • The definition of the custom board can now be customized with a separate user-specific board type file
  • Potential errors when loading board types from a file are now detected
  • The availability of the Polarity property of Digital Inputs has been changed
  • The information text of the configuration is now also transferred to the module and can be read by it
  • 4 new Statistics values (Status Wake-Pin, Busload-Rx, Busload-Tx and Busload-Total) have been added
  • 3 new Functions (Counter with Reload, Copy Conditional, and PID) have been added
  • The refresh of the interface when loading configuration projects has been improved
  • The quick help has been revised

Bug fixes:

  • A hardware icon was displayed in the status bar even when no connection was established
  • When changing the firmware settings, the operation was displayed as failed if the bit rate was changed at the same time


2023-02-23 - Version 1.2.0


  • Invalid activation code characters are now recognized before starting the CANopen unlock process

Bug fix:

  • The online documentation window position and size was not saved and restored


  • The application can no longer be installed on Windows 10 x86 systems

2022-05-03 - Version 1.1.3


  • The progress update has been improved for module detection, CANopen unlock, firmware settings change, and configuration transfer
  • Some other minor UI improvements

Bug fixes:

  • A missing template file did not cause a warning output
  • The Custom Board template files were missing in the setup
  • Selecting bit rate presets could select the wrong nominal or data bit rates
  • Graphic errors could sometimes occur when editing signal properties
  • An Access Violation error was thrown after loading a project file in which the board type was missing and then a board type was selected in the Target Hardware dialog box
  • An incorrect message box was displayed when attempting to send a configuration to a module that had CANopen or CANopen FD active
  • The command to unlock a CANopen license might not work and a misleading message was displayed if the Microsoft C++ 2010 redistributable package was not installed

2021-02-11 - Version 1.1.2

Bug fixes:

  • Due to an error in the included PCAN-Basic API, a CAN connection could not be established if the version of the PCAN device driver used was older than 4.2.1

2021-02-04 - Version 1.1.1


  • The quick help and the online help have been revised
  • Some other minor improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Some sample and template files have been corrected
  • The reading of the advanced detect information and the configuration data has been improved especially if several modules were connected to the same CAN bus
  • The board type information was not saved correctly in the MicroMod FD project files
  • When loading MicroMod FD project files, an incorrect warning was displayed about the bit alignment of variables that were set-up with data type double and aligned in Motorola order
  • Under certain circumstances, the standard configuration was transferred with incorrectly formatted floating point numbers if the firmware operating mode was changed to PEAK standard
  • Under certain conditions, the Layout tab page was not active in the Symbols window
  • After changing the board type of a new or opened configuration, the services could not be opened with the sidebar

2020-06-19 - Version 1.1.0


  • The Analog Inputs (16-bit) have been expanded to some information about measurement resolution of the selected range
  • The default name of Curve Definitions has been changed because the format of these names does not match to all other formats
  • When an invalid or not supported custom bit rate (e.g. prescaler out of range) is loaded or saved, a new warning message is shown in the Output window
  • When a configuration is sent with an invalid or not supported custom bit rate, an error message is shown in the Output window and the sending is aborted
  • Improved text output in the Output window with different colors
  • Improved handling of Bus-Off errors when trying to re-detect modules
  • New tooltip window that informs about the supported CAN FD clock frequency was added to the Target Hardware dialog box
  • Activation and unlocking of the CANopen firmware was added
  • Switching of the firmware operation mode was added
  • Statistic values Unique ID 0, 1, 2 and 3 were added
  • New possibility to set the Module ID to ANY
  • Some minor improvements

Bug fixes:

  • In the Symbols layout view, the tooltip window did not display the correct MSB and LSB values of the corresponding element
  • A entered Function parameter value was not applied if the mouse was used to select a different parameter value edit field
  • An active feedback output and the corresponding input inverter of a digital function block were not correctly restored when loading a configuration or when changing to another digital function
  • In the Connect dialog box and the Target Hardware dialog box the Preset and Bit Rate drop-down lists were not refreshed when the bit rates or presets definition was changed
  • If the selected hardware did support CAN FD, the Manage Bit Rates command always used the FD bit rates for default selection even if CAN FD was not selected
  • In the Target Hardware dialog box unsupported bit rate presets could be selected
  • Error Active/Passive CAN controller states were not displayed for connections using compatible CAN interfaces; instead, the old-style BUSHEAVY indicator was shown
  • Double-clicking on a variable in the Symbols layout could raise an Access Violation error
  • Loading of unsupported board types was not handled correctly
  • Corrected the display name of PCAN-MicroMod FD Analog 1
  • Removed some memory leaks
  • Some minor bug fixes


  • 'Direction: Reverse' is set as default when the 'Export into Symbols file' dialog box is used the first time
  • Floating-point values can be specified for the frequency range of digital outputs instead of Integer values

2019-08-27 - Version 1.0.0

  • First release