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2019-08-01 - Version 6.3.3 release now available


  • New warning message in the Trace window that warns against unintentional overwriting of a Trace file when the Tracer is using the File buffer type
  • Object Model: The XmtQueueEmpty property is now also supported by the objects PCANClientConnection and J1939Node
  • Some other minor improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed possible Application freeze when a Trace was played back and the playback reached the end of the file
  • A variable of type Bit configured to Motorola format was not correctly decoded from a CAN FD or J1939 message with more than 8 data bytes
  • Enabling the bus load calculation for a connection immediately created and connected the separate 'PEBusLoad' PCAN client even when the connection itself was in disabled state
  • Range check error while importing an ASC file, if the file contained a line with more than 255 parameters, e.g. a J1939 multipacket message
  • When a VBS macro had a runtime error and the user selected not to edit the file, for project macros there was no way to enable the macros again other than to unload and reload the project. Global VBS macro files had to be re-enabled manually in the VBS Macro Manager dialog box
  • Object Model: Setting the TransmitMessage.IsPaused property had no effect until a connection was assigned to the message
  • Object Model: Calling the Application.Quit method from a VBS macro did not properly quit the application under all circumstances, especially if the application was started from an external VB script
  • Some other minor bug fixes

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN Symbol Editor

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor: