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PCAN-Light API Version History

2010-10-12 - Version 2.04

  • Bug fix regarding the automatic search of the USB hardware: Handle1 was ignored which could cause problems with hard-coded net numbers

2010-03-05 - Version 2.03

  • All headers have now the complete error codes
  • The PCAN_USB.H and PCAN_2USB.H had wrong #defines for multi include. This is fixed now

2009-10-02 - Version 2.02

  • Add a special code part to be sure that all CAN messages are send out of the sending queue if a   CANClose() is called. We add 500 ms time for sending the messages out of the queue before we   disconnect from the CAN hardware.
  • Added two functions CAN_GetCARDPower() and CAN_SetCARDPower() to the PCAN-PC Card and the PCI Card. It is exact the same function like the SetPCCARDPower() and GetPCCARDPower() and was implemented to support one function for the same functionality for all cards (PCAN-Express Card)
  • Added Header Files for VB.Net, C#, C++, C-CLR, Phyton, and Java

2009-02-09 - Version 2.01

  • 1st release version 2.x for customers

2009-01-06 - Version 2.00

  • Start of version 2.x. It is 100% software compatible to Version 1.x
  • New function added. CAN_ReadEx() with a 2nd parameter: a  "TimeStamp" structure
  • New function added. CAN_SetRcvEvent() to set events for incoming CAN messages (no more need to poll)
  • Added 64-bit projects for all hardware
  • Added a function to differ between 32bit DLL or 64 bit DLL in DLLVersionInfo()
  • Changed the function SetRcVEvent() in CAN_Init() and CAN_Close() . Used parameter NULL to be sure that it will be reset

2008-10-09 - Version 1.54

  • Fixed an error while using two channel PNP cards. If both channels were used and the first channel was released this channel was "switched"

2008-09-11 - Version 1.53

  • Changed the way how to connect with two channel CAN cards. Now the first and the second and not like in the past the first and the last is used (Big difference!)
  • Upgrade to Visual Studio 2008
  • Fixed error concerning CAN_Init(): If a hardware is in use, the return value is now (-> hardware in use)
  • Fixed error concerning CAN_Close(): If a second client was connected (PCAN-View), the return value was 0x0800 (CAN_ERR_NETINUSE ). Now it is 0x000 (CAN_Err_OK)
  • Fixed an error concerning CAN_Init() when using PNP cards. If CAN_Init() was called without a plugged in card, the return code was OK. Now it is CAN_ERR_REGTEST (no hardware found). Same goes for nonPNP cards, if no driver was loaded
  • Added the function GetDLLVersion to all DLLs
  • Removed the FireWire module (it was never released)

Version 1.52.1

  • Bug fixed in Logger Version (internal test version)
  • Changed the setup of resource files
  • Changes in the functionality of CAN_MsgFilter(). When you called this function with “FromID” and “ToID” equal 0, the Client was disconnected (bad way to delete the queue). Now a special function is used -> CAN_ResetClient()

Version 1.52

  • Official released version for the product CD 03/2008

2008-01-11 - Version 1.51.20

  • Fixed bug in filter functions
  • If PNP card are plugged in after the driver was loaded sometimes the DLL could not Init the boards
  • Add 2nd channel for PCAN-USB (supports two adapters at the same time now)
  • Changed some strcpy_s to strncpy_s with _TRUNCATE to stop buffer overflow

2007-01-17 - Version 1.51.10

  • Added the functions  GetPCCARDPower() and SetPCCARDPower() to read and set the power in PCAN-PC Cards
  • Fixed bug in Exact Message Filter (only 11-bit IDs)

2006-08-25 - Version 1.51

  • Added functionality to co-exist with PCAN-View without killing each other’s Client and Net
  • Removed error that occurred while connect to Light Net (if still exist)
  • Removed bug in the function ResetMsgFilter()
  • Removed the "global Atom" with a Mutex
  • Since this version the Smasher is not longer needed - Hurray!

2005-12-20 - Version 1.50

  • Changed source pool in 'CanApi_L.c': Always use same LowLevel functions like CanApi2.c
  • Upgrade to Visual Studio 2005
  • Implemented the 2nd channel for ISA and PC/104
  • Fixed error concerning the 2nd channel of ISA cards

2005-08-23 - Version 1.45.05

  • Check for existing Light Clients. If it is available, remove the Client

2005-06-16 - Version 1.45.04

  • Added a @n (DEF File) to be sure that the position of the function pointers do not change in the LIB file

2005-06-10 - Version 1.45.03

  • Set a default baud rate before the Reset is called - only happened with USB and Dongle

2005-06-06 - Version 1.45.01

  • Implemented the function calls ResetClient(), ResetHardware() and RegisterMsg() in CAN_Init() before the Client connection is implemented to avoid a loss of the first CAN frame while connecting to a running (traffic) CAN bus

2005-05-10 - Version 1.45c

  • Changed the way how a PCI two channel card is detected (because of HT processors)

2004-12-07 - Version 1.45b

  • PCMCIA official released: PCAN_PCC.DLL
  • Changed name of Mutex to run CANAPI2 applications and PCAN-Light applications at the same time

2004-07-27 - Version 1.45

  • Changed some basic functions while creating internal resources (CAN_Netz)

2004-06-28 - Version 1.44.01

  • Added new function SetUSBDeviceNr() for PCAN-USB interface
  • Added the function CAN_ResetClient() for deleting the send and receive queue of an application without a real hardware reset

2004-04-06 - Version 1.44

  • Added special functions for PCAN-PC Card and PCAN-1349 (FireWire)

2003-12-10 - Version 1.43b

  • Added CAN_SpecialFunction() for PCI cards

2003-10-09 - Version 1.43

  • Several internal changes
  • CAN_GetSystemTime() is only called when loading the dll

2003-07-11 - Version 1.42

  • Implemented the VIRTUALLOCK method to protect the driver from exceptions caused by the use of wrong structures or empty pointers

2003-04-29 - Version 1.41

  • Fixed bug concerning CAN-Init (If no driver was loaded)

2003-04-09 - Version 1.4

  • Added Mutex (thread safe calling of functions)

2002-11-27 - Version 1.37

  • Switched developer tool from VC6 to VC7

2002-09-11 - Version 1.36a

  • Several minor changes and bug fixes

2002-06-04 - Version 1.36

  • Added old 82C200 hardware support for PCAN-Dongle

2002-01-17 - Version 1.35

  • Possibility to load the DLL without a real hardware
  • Stopped showing a message box when the DLL was loaded without a installed driver

2002-01-03 - Version 1.32b

  • Added OEM number function

2001-10-23 - Version 1.32

  • Several minor bug fixes

2001-09-27 - Version 1.31

  • Added the CAN_ResetFilter() function

2001-08-02 - Version 1.3

  • Support for PCI and PC/104 two channel version implemented
  • Added a global Atom to prevent the DLL from being used by more than one application at the same time
  • PCAN-Dongle Pro support implemented
  • Added a option in the debug version to use a log file

2001-03-16 - Version 1.2

  • PCAN-USB support implemented

2000-09-20 - Version 1.1

  • PCAN-PCI support implemented

2000-09-12 - Version 1.021

  • Problem solved with CAN_Init()

2000-09-08 - Version 1.02

  • Hardware reset while calling the function CAN_Init() added

2000-08-25 - Version 1.0A

  • Basic Implementation for PCAN-ISA & PCAN-Dongle

Design started: 2000-08-24