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2017-04-07 - Version 6.0.11 release now available


  • Tracer can now record hardware plug-in/out events as well as changes of bit rate, Listen-only, or Error Frame options
  • New message filter option for events
  • Object model: New property MessageFilterItem.EventsEnabled
  • Buffer type or buffer size of a trace file can now be changed on-the-fly In the Properties window, which triggers an automatic reload of the file
  • New possibility in project package generation to disable the creation of the default folder structure and copy all files to the same directory
  • For the Standard Macro instruction WaitRTR specifying the data length is now optional
  • The speed of the program start has been improved
  • Font face and font size of line numbers in the text editor was not adjusted to the text editor font
  • Some optimizations in the Product Activation procedure

Bug fixes:

  • While replaying a trace file the signal values were not updated according to the transmitted data
  • If an attempt was made to open a file that was associated with an Add-in, but the Add-in was not loaded at that time, as a result access violations could occur
  • When a project package was created, the layout file *.dsk was not copied into the package
  • Further fixes of the Window Border Snap feature introduced in version 6.0.9
  • The Change Connection dialog box could show the wrong device tab page when opened
  • When in the Options dialog box on the Fonts and Colors page the font "System" was selected, an error message could be displayed
  • Standard Macro instruction WaitData did not recognize a matching message if symbol and multiplexer were specified in the instruction parameters and Don’t cares were indicated in the data bytes at the location of the multiplexer
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor