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2010-09-07 - PCAN-Explorer 5 - Version 5.1.0


  • Start Page: When a file is selected from the Recent Files list that no longer exists, the user is prompted to choose whether the entry should be removed
  • In Receive/Transmit lists, multiple messages can be selected at a time, and copied over the clipboard, cut out and reinserted
  • If drag-and-drop is used on received or traced messages, the bus numbers of the dragged messages are now preserved. Additionally, the cycle time of dragged received messages is preserved
  • For better downward compatibility, transmit lists are saved in the PCAN-Explorer 4 file format, if 
    a) all messages in the list are assigned the same bus 
    b) the current project contains only one connection 
    c) the connection is a CAN connection
  • Options dialog box: On the Keyboard tab, the commands are now sorted alphabetically
  • When exporting Trace files, an additional option now allows to export only Variables that are marked in the Symbols file
  • New "Properties" command in the context menu of a Tracer
  • If the Macro drop-down list, macros can now be found quicker by entering the first letters of a macro name on the keyboard
  • Message filter items can now operate in "exclude" mode (ID Range, Code/Mask, and J1939 items)
  • Clicking the "New" button in the Project Browser when no project is currently open now creates a new project
  • Files that are contained in a project, but are not found on the specified hard drive location will be marked with a red cross in their icon
  • If a file is added to the project, the Project Browser switches automatically to the Project Files tab


  • VBS macros from projects no longer appear in the Options dialog box on the Keyboard page, because keyboard shortcuts cannot be assigned to those macros at this point
  • "Baud rate" labels changed to "Bit rate". These changes are also reflected in the object model. Properties and methods that contained the text "BaudRate" in its name are now replaced by new ones with "BitRate". The old properties and methods still exist for downward compatibility
  • Object model: The name parameter in the MessageFilters. Add method is now optional.
  • Object model: When calling the method Document.SaveAll(True), after selecting "Cancel" in the Save dialog box no further documents are saved

Bug fixes:

  • The size of a trace file was not calculated correctly in the Options dialog box and Project Settings dialog box
  • After loading a trace file that contained J1939 messages, no symbol names were displayed in the ID / Symbol column of the Trace window
  • The news list on the Start Page could not be updated if the Internet connection was configured to use a Proxy server
  • When closing a project, the "Maximized" state of MDI child windows was not saved correctly in the layout file (.dsk)
  • If a project was opened via the File Open command, the previous loaded project was not closed correctly and a series of error messages appeared
  • The German user interface sometimes caused an access violation when the Options dialog box was opened
  • Pressing the Reset button in the Connections window did not clear the message counters in the Receive/Transmit lists for messages of the selected connection
  • Object model: Calling the method OutputWindowPane.Clear could cause an access violation
  • If one of the options "Remote Request" or "Single Shot" was enabled for a transmit message, the option could not be disabled afterwards
  • Changing the "Protocol" property of a connection in the Properties window could result in a "Fatal error" message box
  • After changing the protocol of a connection from CAN to J1939, the Bus load indicator in the Connections window no longer worked
  • If a Trace file was saved repeatedly, a message box could appear which stated that the file was modified externally
  • Object model: Event handlers in VBS macros were not triggered for the PCANClient and J1939Node events
  • Changing the file types that should be listed on the Reopen menu had an effect only after the program was restarted
  • The command "Edit with Symbol Editor" could be selected for a newly created Symbols file that was not saved yet. The Symbol Editor was opened but showed only an empty file
  • The J1939 tracer options to display addresses and PGNs in hexadecimal had no effect on newly created tracers. Addresses and PGNs were always displayed in decimal
  • Object model: The methods Application.NewProject and Windows.Add were not Thread-safe
  • Object model: The property Tracer.FillingLevel returned obscure values for tracers that had a dynamic buffer size
  • Object model: VBS macros could not access the VBSTraceFiles collection
  • If the size of the small icons on a system was not exactly 16 x 16 pixels, an error message was displayed when a file was added to the project via the Project Browser
  • If the size of the Output or Watch windows was too small, an error message "Invalid parameter" could occur
  • Changing the bus number of a connection did not change the associated bus numbers shown in the Receive/Transmit lists
  • OVERRUN error warnings did not increase the Overruns counter in the Connections window
  • Tracers recorded the error warnings OVERRUN, QOVERRUN, and QXMTFULL only once after performing a hardware reset. Subsequent warnings of the same kind were ignored
  • If the date format was changed in the Region and Language settings of the Windows® Control Panel, a message box could be displayed at program startup, which warned that the license would expire in 0 days. Additionally, the License Information dialog box always displayed the current day as the license expiration date

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins: