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PCAN-MIO - Firmware Version History

2020-03-17 - Version 3.3.8


  • Message gateway can now trigger function blocks in both modes "direct copy" and "message trigger" (was only "message trigger" before)

Bug fix:

  • Module crashed if a function block trigger was used and the triggered function block contained a conditional statement

2018-06-01 - Version 3.3.6

Bug fixes:

  • Readback of PWM dutycycle was incorrect if dutycycle was larger than 25% (internal overflow in calculation)

2015-05-29 - Version 3.3.2

Bug fix:

  • Negative numbers in transmit messages overwrote too many bits

2015-05-26 - Version 3.3.1

Bug fix:

  • Configuration was sometimes not accepted when loaded from EEPROM

2015-01-16 - Version 3.3.0

New features:

  • Multiplexer in CAN messages supported
  • Scale/Offset of data objects are internally changed to float variables


  • Limit of 35 data objects per message removed

2014-12-15 - Version 3.2.1

Bug fixes:

  • Low frequency counter did not work correctly

2014-10-20 - Version 3.2.0

  • Internal changes

2014-10-09 - Version 3.1.7

Bug fixes:

  • Data objects of receive messages with a timeout were set to their default values at startup. This caused a problem if "selfhold" (latch) was used in this type of receive message: module resets continuously after startup
  • Timeout after module shutdown was too short; sometimes module restarted again instead of staying asleep

2014-04-02 - Version 3.1.6

Bug fixes:

  • Lower frequency measurement threshold was 6.25 Hz, now corrected to 2.5 Hz (maximum pulse time = 0.2 sec)
  • Several function blocks did not work correctly if negative parameters were used although negative values should be OK

2014-01-22 - Version 3.1.5


  • In case more CAN IDs are received than message boxes are available (e.g. all 11-bit messages and more than 13 29-bit messages), it is required to use a double buffer for one type and a receiver for the other type via a single  message box
  • In case IRQ latency is too high, the chance increases to lose one CAN message. Therefore, the bit rate for this condition was initially set to 125 kbit/s (1 bit time = 8 µs, minimum time for a CAN frame was 8 µs * 60 bit/msg ~ 0.5 ms). This maximum bit rate is now increased to 500 kbit/s (2 µs * 60 bit/msg ~ 120 µs time to process one receive message before overwritten by following message)