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PLIN-View Pro Version History

2023-12-15 - Version 3.2.0


  • Added the ability to load LIN trace files (*.ltrc)
  • Some minor user interface improvements and bug fixes

Please note: PLIN-View Pro is a part of our device driver setup.

Download Setup

2022-10-24 - Version 3.1.1


  • The hardware product images have been updated

Bug fixes:

  • In the Edit Frame Scripts dialog, selecting a function may have displayed C# source code for another function
  • C# script code could not be compiled when loading a project file if the PLIN-View Pro was started with a VBScript code
  • The SubscribeDataAndWait VBScript function sometimes returned data from a previously received Subscriber frame
  • When starting PLIN-View Pro with the VBScript function CreateObject without further VBScript statements, the Hardware tab was displayed without an active connection

2022-01-26 - Version 3.1.0


  • The LDF protocol version J2602 has been added as version 2.0
  • An Output window has been added to display hints, warnings, and error messages when loading project and LDF files
  • Some properties of the frame definition, schedule table, and table entry are now evaluated and possible errors and warnings are displayed in the Output window on the LIN tab
  • The error messages of the C# scripting code are now displayed in the new Output window

Bug fixes:

  • An invalid combination of checksum type 'Automatic' and direction 'Publisher' could be used in the 'New frame' or in the 'Edit frame' dialog box
  • The previously defined C# script source code was not cleared when an LDF file was loaded
  • If there was an error in the source code of a C# script, a change rollback failed to reapply the code
  • The change of LIN frame data for an automation event 'On Before Transmit' did not work if the depending 'On After Transmit' event was not used
  • The Single Step command changed the command states as if the scheduler was started normally
  • The Pause command of a scheduler did not suspend the current table if the entries used at least one automation event
  • A double-click on the Data column did not open the Signals dialog box if an LDF file had been loaded before
  • After canceling the Select Node dialog box, the loading process was continued
  • When a project file was opened the client filter was not set correctly
  • If the application object was created with the CreateObject VBScript function, the object could not be used immediately afterwards, such as loading a project file with the OpenProject VBScript function
  • When opening a project file with the OpenProject VBScript function and 'AutoConnect' set to true, the hardware tab was not updated correctly
  • The SubscribeData, SubscribeDataAndWait, StartScheduleTable, and StopScheduleTable VBScript functions did not work when connecting in master mode
  • When using the StartTrace VBScript function, the trace filename was displayed as 'Untitled' if the 'Temporary Recoding' option was enabled
  • Message boxes were displayed even if the VBScript property ShowMessages was set to false


  • The AutoConnect feature of the OpenProject VBScript function now uses the bit rate of an LDF definition if it is present in the project

2021-12-14 - Version 3.0.0


  • The ability to receive and record frame events 'Bus Sleep', 'Bus Wake Up', 'Client Queue Overrun' and 'Overrun' has been added
  • In the main window and in the signals and the options dialog boxes, the headed columns are now adjusted proportionally
  • A help button has been added to each dialog box
  • The default save kind for LDF content is now initialized to Ask as default value
  • A new 'Scripting' tab has been added for C# automation scripting functionality
  • A 'References' tab has been added to the Options dialog box to manage assemblies that are used for C# automation scripting
  • A new 'Hardware' tab has been added to view information and change the hardware ID of the currently connected LIN hardware
  • The hardware ID and the device number have been added to the status bar
  • A temporary recording function has been added which allows a trace to be started immediately without having to select a target filename

Bug fixes:

  • Under certain circumstances, changing the Frame ID did not check the validity of the ID range (in schedule table entries)
  • In the connect dialog box, the operating mode could be changed even if an LDF or LIN project file with LDF was open
  • When using an LDF file with a global definition of the protocol version >= 2.0, which contains slave nodes whose protocol version was set to <= 1.3, the depending LIN frames were not configured with classic checksum type if the master node was used
  • A COM exception could occur if the Signals dialog was opened and closed several times
  • Right-clicking on a LIN frame did not select the associated row
  • LIN frames could not be edit if the direction was set to 'SubscriberAutoLength' when they were added

2020-12-14 - Version 2.1.5


  • The Connect dialog box shows an error status if the LIN client could not be established correctly

2020-07-20 - Version 2.1.4

Bug fixes:

  • Empty encoding types of Signals and empty schedule tables will be ignored while loading LDF files. Lacking of this information could lead to an application freeze/crash
  • In the Edit Signal dialog box value changes were not correctly applied to array signals that had no encoding type definition
  • In the New Frame dialog box an invalid combination of frame direction and checksum type was presented with an incomprehensible message and could also results in an exception
  • In invalid combinated frame definition (Publisher with Automatic Checksum Type) could cause an Exception error while trying to change the frame definition again

2019-06-06 - Version 2.1.3


  • Frame definition properties can now be changed even if no hardware connection is established
  • Changing the ChecksumType frame definition property improved, especially when it is changed to 'Automatic'
  • Changing the Direction frame definition property improved, especially when it is changed from 'Subscriber Auto Length' to 'Publisher'

2018-12-19 - Version 2.1.2


  • Improved scripting support registration with command line parameter options 'regserver' and 'unregserver'

2017-09-14 - Version 2.1.1


  • The new hardware state VBatMissing is shown in the status bar. All other unknown hardware states that are not definied in the PLIN-API are shown in the status bar with their number
  • Flicker of the data display in the Receive list has been reduced
  • Some minor improvements

2016-08-01 - Version 2.1.0


  • The "Connect" dialog box better handles the cases when no hardware is found or the PLIN Manager Service is not running
  • New possibility to control the alignment of signals in the Receive/Transmit/Publisher lists
  • When a schedule table was paused it can be resumed with the Start button instead of the Pause button
  • Pressing the Enter key in the "Connect" dialog box when "Bit rate" drop-down list is opened no longer closes the dialog box
  • Improved cloning of schedule tables
  • General user interface improvements

Bug fixes:

  • A wrong graphic was shown in the Change Hardware ID dialog box for CAN FD hardware
  • Incorrect keyboard shortcuts were indicated in some context menus
  • The Open LFD file dialog box could not be closed with the Enter key
  • Some dialog box layouts were incorrectly restored when large fonts were used in Windows (> 96 DPI)
  • Double-clicking on the Plus signs in the Receive/Transmit/Publisher lists also opened the Edit Frame dialog box
  • Pressing SHIFT+TAB in one of the Receive/Transmit/Publisher lists was not handled correctly
  • The Show Signals command from the Receive list context menu did not work
  • After the application was accessed from an external script, it was no longer possible to open a file from within the application via the toolbar or menu
  • The application did not recognize when the PLIN Manager Service was terminated and responded incorrectly after the service was restarted
  • Strings of logic values in project files that had an LDF file embedded were not displayed if the strings contained special characters
  • An error message "E001 Syntax Error" could occur when an LDF file was opened that contained double quote characters in comments
  • If no physical unit was specified in an LDF file for a "physical_value" encoding type, the next LDF file entry was ignored


  • The "Change Device ID" dialog box was renamed to "Change Hardware ID"
  • New Icon set with 24x24 images

2015-10-14 - Version 2.0.1

  • Bug fix: If more than two PCAN-USB Pro (FD) were connected to the computer at the same time, the Connection dialog box did not show any available LIN channels

2015-07-01 - Version 2.0.0


  • Added PCAN-USB Pro FD support
  • Added VBScript support
  • Added the possibility to re-use recently used folders for project files and trace files
  • Added the new trace option "Maximum file size" that can be used to set the the maximum size of the trace file
  • Added the new trace option "Endless recording" that can be used to set if a new file should be created if the maximum trace file size is reached
  • Added the possibility to comment a LIN frame in the Transmit/Publisher list
  • Added a new dialog window "Change Device ID"
  • The .NET Framework 4.0 is used instead of 2.0
  • When opening or importing LDF files, errors are displayed that have occurred while parsing


  • A new file format for LIN projects was added. The software is working with the new format "PLIN project 2 file" by default. The former version can still be used
  • The frame dialog has been revised. the frame definition can be set now, but only if no symbol is assigned.
  • Subscriber frames can now be edited later

Bug fixes:

  • When displaying the Signal window it could happen that not all signals were shown, if the value Range contained a very long text
  • Fixed some memory issues that occurred while receiving LIN frames
  • Fixed some display problem with of the properties that could happen when changing tables and managing LIN frames
  • While recording LIN frames it could happen that the traces was stopped, even though enough disk space was still available
  • The size of recorded files was not checked and could become larger that 4 GB
  • The commands "Clear All" and "Delete" had the same short cut. The short cut for the command "Clear All" was removed
  • When changing a property of a frame definition, it was not applied to the Transmit or Publisher list correctly, if multiple LIN frames of this definition existed in that list
  • When receiving LIN frames, the data has only been updated correctly, if the frame length was larger or equal the length of the previously received frame
  • Fixed some problems with versions compatibility: A project file that was created with a higher software version could not be opened even if it was saved for the older version
  • Double clicking the status bar or the connection text did not open the Connect dialog
  • While recording LIN frames the values in the upper status bar were not updated correctly, if the traces was started once and then paused or stopped
  • Sometimes the frame number was not written correctly when saving trace files
  • Revision of the inputs of the Options dialog
  • The About dialog could not be closed with ESC
  • If the connection was closed and established again while editing the global frame table, the table was read from the hardware and the changes were discarded, if the changes were not saved before
  • If multiple frames of the same ID where present in the transmit list and the frame definition of this ID was changed, not every frame was updated
  • In the Transmit list valid data rather than "--" was displayed for subscriber frames
  • When performing a automatic bit rate detection in the Connect dialog an incorrect error message was displayed, if no hardware was selected or present
  • Fixed some minor issues

2011-06-01 - Version 1.1.4

PLIN Symbols Library: (11.05.2011)
Part of the PCAN-USB Pro setup dated 09.06.2011

Bug fixes:

  • When recording LIN frames, the start time "$STARTTIME" was written to the trace file only as time stamp value of the start. This had no connection to the date "Start time"
  • When receiving LIN frames, the frames were not shown in the receive list if the time interval was large (>= 50 ms; fastest refresh rate in the reception window)
  • A receive list optimized by a previous version could trigger an exception under specific circumstances when connecting to the PCAN-USB Pro in slave mode
  • A receive list optimized by a previous version led to a list with doubled or missing frames
  • If a single frame was deleted from a receive list, it could happen that it was not received anymore until a reset was done
  • If all frames in a receive list were deleted separately and afterwards no frames were received anymore, the receive list stayed empty completely (no display of the Empty line)


  • Introduced PLIN-View Pro trace file format 1.1

2011-05-11 - Version 1.1.3

PLIN Symbols Library: (11.05.2011)
Not part of the PCAN-USB Pro setup (interim version)

Bug fixes:

  • With a valid connection to hardware, after executing the "Reset" command, all LIN frames were deleted from the Receive list, however, not all received LIN frames were shown in the list afterwards
  • Sorting of LIN frames in the Receive list did not work correctly. If LIN frames were present in the Receive list and a column caption was clicked, only this and the data column were sorted but not the remaining ones
  • When using LDF files and the contained signals, under specific circumstances signal values could not be changed with the Signal dialog, especially if a signal was defined with several logic values with same texts. In that case always the first logic value of the list was used. Now the signal value for logic values always consists of value and text (%Value% - %Text%)


  • To improve the clarity, the Receive list and the Transmit/Publisher list have signal names and signal values in different colors

2010-04-29 - Version 1.1.2

PLIN Symbols Library: (20.04.2011)
Part of the PCAN-USB Pro setup dated 29.04.2011

Bug fixes:

  • When executing the "Disconnect" command, the Connect dialog was updated in the wrong column
  • When connecting to hardware, the wrong channel was shown in the status bar
  • If on a system never any PLIN project had been opened, the menu lists for "Recent Files" were not filled correctly. When opening a PLIN frame or an LDF file, each time all previous files were added to the menu
  • The display of frame data and signal data was almost not readeable when the data changed frequently during reception, e.g. because of a counter. At each update all received LIN frames were re-displayed, even several ones of the same ID. Now only the last received frame is displayed


  • The default width of the "Checksum" column under "Trace" was enlarged so that the text after the first program start was shown in whole
  • Minimized the flickering of the Receive and Transmit lists

2010-12-16 - Version 1.1.1

PLIN Symbols Library: (12.11.2010)
Part of the PCAN-USB Pro setup dated 01.02.2011


  • The program was compiled with a new version of the PLIN-API, which can read the hardware ID of the LIN hardware. Prerequisites:
    • PLIN-Manager Version
    • PLIN-API Version


  • Added a further column for the hardware ID in the Connect dialog

2010-11-19 - Version 1.1.0

PLIN Symbols Library: (12.11.2010)
Part of the PCAN-USB Pro setup dated 06.12.2010

Buf fixes:

  • If an LDF file was loaded, values of signals (signal type unknown) could not be edited in the Signal dialog
  • If an LDF file was loaded, values of signals (signal type mixed) could not be edited correctly in the Signal dialog. Either a dropdown list for logic values was shown or an entry field for physical values. However, the value could not be entered or selected in both fields
  • After loading an LDF file and when the Connect dialog was shown, the wrong bit rate was selected or was not adopted by the LDF file
  • After loading an LDF file with protocol versions 1.2 or 1.3, the checksum type was set to Enhanced although these versions only support Classic
  • If the program was connected to hardware and a schedule table was started and when the hardware was removed during runtime (unplugged PCAN-USB Pro from the USB port), the status was displayed correctly, but the schedule table still was running in the program and its status was not reset


  • Introduced PLIN project files that can be used for saving and reloading LDF files, among others
  • Former PLIN frame files can be loaded and PLIN projects can be saved as PLIN frame files (only specific data)
  • A loaded LDF file can be embedded into or linked to a project file
  • An Options dialog has been added
  • The Signal dialog was revised in order to add comments to signals
  • The input in the Signal dialog was improved
  • Added the main menu item "Recent Files". The list is split to project files, frame files, and LDF files, and limited to 10 entries each
  • "Baudrate" was replaced by "Bit rate"
  • Shortcut [Shift]+[Delete] assigned to the menu item "Transmit/Publish > Delete", because the use of [Delete] was not possible in the properties
  • Removed the shortcut for the menu item "Transmit > Clear All"

2010-08-06 - Version 1.0.1

PLIN Symbols Library: (29.03.2010)
Part of the PCAN-USB Pro setup dated 06.12.2010

  • First official release