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PCAN-Symbol Editor 6 Version History

2018-08-31 - Version 6.2.1

Bug fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

2018-07-20 - Version 6.2.0 - Released with PCAN-Explorer 6.2.0


  • Performance while creating and editing symbols, multiplexers, and variables greatly improved. When a Symbols file was edited that contained many elements, delays after editing or adding an element were clearly noticeable

Bug fixes:

  • Checking for duplicate multiplexer values or data lengths did not work correctly if another conflict between multiplexers had already been detected

2018-01-12 - Version 6.1.1 - Released with PCAN-Explorer 6.1.1

Bug fixes:

  • If a newly created file was closed, a Save prompt was displayed although no changes have been made
  • Bug fix in the Symbols File Format Converter dialog that caused an error message 'Invalid Pointer operat

2017-09-15 - Version 6.1.0 - Released with PCAN-Explorer 6.1.0


  • The layout of the Enum Properties form was optimized
  • New possibility to specify a range of ordinal values in Enum definitions (for Symbols file format 6.0)

Bug fixes:

  • When the Edit Enum values dialog box was closed with the OK button and no value had been changed, the modified state of the Symbols file was reset
  • Some minor bug fixes and improvements

2017-04-07 - Version 6.0.11 - Released with PCAN-Explorer 6.0.11

Bug fixes:

  • When an invalid factor or offset value was entered in the Signal properties, the value was reset to a default value instead of reverting to the previous value
  • Some spelling errors have been corrected

2016-11-15 - Version 6.0.8 - Released with PCAN-Explorer 6.0.8

Bug fix:

  • If the Display Format of Bitstart Position was set to "Forward LSB" for Motorola in the Options dialog box, changing the Bitstart value of a Motorola signal could cause an Out of Memory error

2016-10-13 - Version 6.0.5 - Released with PCAN-Explorer 6.0.5


  • A file can be opened by drag-and-drop when the quick start window is visible (no file is open)

Bug fixes:

  • When a DBC file was imported via the Import command, the selected Symbols File Format may have changed automatically
  • Some other minor bug fixes

2016-09-20 - Version 6.0.4 - Released with PCAN-Explorer 6.0.4

Bug fixes:

  • When converting a symbols file to a different version, especially from version 5.0 to 6.0, some symbols and multiplexers that had the option "Valid for all Data Lengths" enabled were not interpreted correctly so that warnings were displayed, e.g. "The Multiplexer is beyond Data Length"
  • The J1939 symbol option "Valid for all Priorities" could not be set correctly and also affected the "Valid for all Destination Addresses" option

2016-09-02 - Version 6.0.3 - Released with PCAN-Explorer 6.0.3


  • New Output Format dropdown list in Assigned Signal properties to override the default output format of a signal
  • New Attributes tab for signals and variables
  • Added SLOT and SPN attributes for J1939 signals
  • The layout of the user interface is now automatically corrected to ensure the visibility of all panes
  • Some minor improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Selecting an Assigned Signal in the layout grid did not always show the input mask for the element
  • If the Edit Data dialog box was opened for a Raw signal and no default value was assigned, the dialog box did not show the correct number of data bytes
  • When a Raw or String signal was added to a symbol or multiplexer, the signal was not immediately aligned to data byte boundaries
  • The bit start of a signal in the data bytes of a symbol or multiplexer was not always stored correctly in the Symbols file
  • Performing a right-click in the layout grid did not automatically select the element at the mouse position
  • If warnings were detected when a Symbols file was saved to file, no message box was displayed to inform the user
  • Some other minor bug fixes

2016-06-09 - Version 6.0.1 - Released with PCAN-Explorer 6.0.1

A new version of the PCAN-Symbol Editor with many enhancements was released with the PCAN-Explorer 6 ...

  • Supports the symbolic representation of CAN FD frames
  • New user interface with Quick Start function
  • Allows to create signals in symbol files for the first time
  • With a signal, the representation of CAN data can be defined and used for multiple symbols
  • Function to convert symbol files between their different file formats
  • Dynamic text search for symbols, signals, menu commands, recently opened files, and more
  • First release